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Give Me a Bag is a website dedicated to the delicate art of choosing the perfect bag. If you ever had to buy anything that is supposed to last more than a year, you know what I’m talking about.

A good bag is like a companion, a partner, a sidekick. It has to be sturdy enough to withstand whatever you throw at it (or throw it at), but still look decent enough to take out into public.

Here at Give Me a Bag, we aim to provide all the information You will need to make this – often very costly – choice with as little headache as possible. For this reason, we created several packing and buyer guides that contain both our own tips and other people’s “luggage wisdom.” These should help in both buying and efficiently packing any type of luggage.

Feel free to browse our reviews as well. We try to stay true to our motto and provide “a bag for every occasion”. We’ve written reviews for kids luggage, professional briefcases, backpacks and suitcases for various uses among other things.

We really hope you’ll find something of value here, so feel free to browse our articles, and we wish you good luck in choosing a companion for your next adventure!


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