I believe a good bag is like a companion.

I remember my trusty backpack that went through hell to survive my childhood and the occasional apple I left in it to rot for a weekend. Or my surprisingly versatile, durable, no-name laptop bag from college that lasted way longer than the device that came in it.

Give Me a Bag was born out of a desire to collect not only the best bag for any specific scenario – like a long summer vacation or the first year of school -, but to find some of those rare purchases that become more than just a means of transport for your belongings.

About Us

B&B with dirk the donkey
Chillin’ with Dirk the Donkey during our honeymoon in the United States.

We are a young married couple who, until very recently, didn’t have the luxury of actually owning our own luggage. So when it came to several great opportunities to travel through Europe and America, we had to ask our close friends to give us their suitcases that were easily 15-ish years old and survived dozens of trips and movings by then. We were astonished at the durability of the suitcases – we used them multiple times – and vowed to get a pair for ourselves when we would have the funds.

We always do a lot of research before larger investments (pretty much anything above $20), so we started looking into all kinds of luggage online, but resources and product recommendations were often lacking in some way. We figured we could make our own site to gather relevant information and share products that we found to be the best in a given category.

About the Site

Our motto is “A bag for every occasion.” (well, our actual motto is “There’s always something going on.”, but this site has its own.)

Give Me a Bag is primarily about reviewing bags, luggage, and travel accessories that we ourselves would gladly buy (or already bought) as companions for our travel adventures and daily activities. We also create articles about all of the “bag wisdom” we learned both from our own experiences and through other people’s advice.

Come back often, we’re constantly updating the site with our findings ranging from carry-on luggage in general to specific categories like luggage sets for kids.

with love,

B & B, from Give Me a Bag

Our Other Sites

Öltönytáska.com – our new, Hungarian second site to have something close to home. 🙂