Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Review for 2020

Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood Spinner Luggage is a stylish suitcase with average quality. It’s still a good choice if you want fashionable luggage for a decent price.

Merax Luggage Reviews for 2020

Overall the Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set is a set with very standard features but exceptional durability and a great selection of colors. Recommended.

Perry Ellis Luggage Reviews for 2020

The Perry Ellis Fortune Luggage Set seems like a decent purchase, but customer feedback prevents us from recommending it without mentioning a few alternatives.

It Megalite Luggage Review for 2020

The It Megalite Luggage set strikes a great balance between weight and durability, though the lack of color choices impacts the overall style somewhat.

American Flyer Luggage Reviews for 2020

American Flyer luggage sets offer a decent balance between price and style. They excel at unique patterns and designs which are sure to make you stand out.

American Tourister

One of the largest luggage brands in the world, American Tourister has been a staple of international travel ever since its founding in 1933. Though they offer all kinds of bags and luggage, they’re well-known for their distinct hard-side suitcase styles. Price is usually mid- to top tier, though they have the quality to back …

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Coolife Luggage

Coolife is a very popular luggage brand that quickly grew into somewhat of a staple on sites like Amazon, due to their quality and stylish hard-side suitcases. According to their introduction, they are “dedicated to carrying only the finest products and providing the best service possible. We continue the tradition of carrying top quality merchandise, …

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Ciao Luggage

Ciao Luggage is another one of those manufacturers that are attempting to produce the world’s lightest cases and luggage. They try to emphasize style and common sense into a quality product and in general seem to be well received by users. Ciao luggage is aimed at all kinds of travelers from the business globetrotter to …

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Calvin Klein

Needing no introduction, Calvin Klein is a global fashion presence with products ranging from perfumes to accessories to clothing, and – last but not least – bags and luggage. Though not as expansive as other lineups, Calvin Klein luggage can be considered as mid-tier, high-quality stuff. Based on user reviews and data their hard-side suitcases …

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