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Are you a teacher and does your job require carrying around loads of books and documents? Or are you just looking for a stylish work bag designed especially for teachers? Then here are a few good rolling bags for teachers, lawyers and other professionals who carry around a lot.

If you are in a hurry and just want to find the best teacher briefcases, then we recommend the following products:

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Still unsure what to pick? Well then let’s have a closer look at your options!

Choosing Rolling Bags for Teachers

Rolling briefcases are great for keeping your belongings organized, and you can carry a lot of work items with you thanks to their roomy design. Moreover, there are a few additional benefits to having one in your inventory.

Carrying a lot usually means back pain, weariness and sweat, but not with a teacher rolling bag: you need very little force to move the bags because of the wheels.

Plus, a good teacher rolling bag helps to improve your posture, which can be crucial if you want to make a good first impression, and benefits back health.

So now let’s have a look at some of the best rolling briefcases for teachers in detail.

Best Overall

I recommend the Briggs & Riley @ Work Rolling Briefcase for professional businessmen and women, university students, teachers, doctors and everyone who needs a compact and nice, professional bag.

This bag can be a good choice if you are traveling often: it’s high quality, durable, easy to use and comes with a lifetime warranty.



Product Details

The simple black exterior with gray interior provides a subtle but stylish look for the bag. It’s practical because it suits any style or dress.

Unfortunately, the case is only available in black, so if you want a design that’s a bit more colorful and bolder, look at the other bags as well.

Despite its small size, a lot of things fit into the bag: you can fit various books, notes, folders and even a change of clothes in the large zipper area. In the smaller front pocket, you can pack small belongings like pens, business cards and keys. For laptops, the bag has a separate padded compartment and a strap that protects and keeps the device in its place.

It can be useful to know that the laptop compartment can hold up to a 15.6inch laptop max. But thanks to the ample room, you can pack even two 15.6-inch laptops in the bag and a tablet as well, it will perfectly fit. If you want to carry a larger laptop with you, look around for bigger bags.

Most of the briefcases can tip over if the items in them are not in balance. It’s true in this case as well: if the back section is lighter than the front and you open the front two pockets there is a tendency to tip.

Including the wheels and handle this roller briefcase measures 13.5″ x 16.5″ x 8.5″ or 34.3 x 41.9 x 21.6 cm.

If it’s expanded, the depth goes to 10″ / 25.4 cm.

Moreover, since the handle is outside of the briefcase, you can get even greater interior capacity and increased packing space.

The bag has 2 conventional, roller wheels, which means that the wheels are more stable in place and can not be damaged like spinner wheels, which break more easily.

The disadvantage of the 2 wheels solution is that it’s a bit harder to manage, as you can pretty much only move it back and forth. Because of the 2 wheels, the bag is lighter than the 4 spinners wheeled bags though.

The supporter on the bottom of the bag is also very practical: this way the bag will stand alone, won’t tip over or touch the ground. I really find this useful, because I don’t have to clean the bottom of the bag all the time.

The aircraft-grade aluminum telescoping handle is long enough for high people to pull it comfortably and it’s strong enough to hold a lighter bag on the top of the rolling briefcase.

The ergonomic handle grip makes really convenient to maneuver and the strong v-groove tubes guarantee less jamming.

If you prefer to use the two double webbing/leather handles at the top of the bag, the telescopic handle can be smoothly pushed down into its compartment.

This way you can take your bag with you safely when you need to use the steps, or the quality of the road doesn’t allow the bag to be pulled.

Due to the durable materials of the bag, it won’t look scratchy and can withstand many uses, wear and tear.

The ballistic nylon outer fabric resists water, dirt, and abrasion, so you can plan with this rolling briefcase for a long time.

The price of the bag could seem a little high, but this bag is a good value for the money: it comes with high quality, comfort, handy features, and a lifetime warranty.

If the price is an important consideration for you, then look at our other recommended rolling briefcases. Many of them come with good quality and affordable price.

The bag comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a huge plus. It’s very reassuring to have a lifetime warranty for the bag: I prefer to buy goods with decent warranty because if any problems arise, I know there will be a solution.

For details on the specific warranty, please read the description of the product.

Customers are very pleased with the product, and they highly recommend it, they had no bad experience or disappointment so far.

Due to the clever design of the bag, one of the most important features was also taken care of: it most of the time fits under airline seats (it depends on the plane) and it fits in overhead compartments for sure, so wherever you go, this bag will make a great carry-on.

You also don’t have to worry about the check-in process at the airport: you can unzip the bag quickly and deep enough to show your laptop and smoothly get it back in its place.

Best Quality

The reliability and professionalism of the Samsonite brand is well-known all over the world. They really know what matters when it comes to travel accessories, so let’s see their Wheeled Business Case.

The bag also combines the features of professional savvy and practicality, so you can travel as easily and comfortably as possible.



Product Details

You can be sure that in this Samsonite rolling briefcase you can pack all the items you need for a conference, a school or business day. Despite of its big storage, you can find all of your belongings at a glance.

The briefcase has 3 main compartments: one for a change of clothes or other bulkier items, one padded compartment for a maximum 15.6-inch laptop, and one for folders and other documents.

You can store smaller devices such as pens, papers, business cards in the bag’s front pocket, but there is plenty of space to put a lot of other things into it.

The bag has 2 conventional wheels, which means that the wheels are more stable in place and can not be damaged like spinner wheels, which break more easily. The disadvantage of the 2 wheels solution is that it’s a bit harder to manage, as you can pretty much only move it back and forth. Because of the 2 wheels, the bag is lighter than the 4 spinner wheeled bags though.

The supporter on the bottom of the bag is also very practical: this way the bag will stand alone, won’t tip over or touch the ground. I really find this useful, because I don’t have to clean the bottom of the bag all the time.

The adjustable locked handle provides comfortable, secure handling and control. If you do not need it you can carry the bag with the comfortable padded carry handle.

This wheeled briefcase is made of 1680 denier ballistic nylon, which guarantees the durability of the bag and makes it very lightweight. The nylon ballistic fabric was originally used in World War II as a protection for the soldiers’ clothes, but due to its durability many manufacturers use it nowadays.

Among the ballistic nylons the 1680 is the lightest version, so you really can say that the designers of this briefcase simultaneously have taken into consideration the quality and practicality.

The black design delivers professional look and simplicity, and it is ideal for any clothes or accessories.

Best Price

This best seller, sleekly designed rolling briefcase for teachers not only adds to the professional look, but it can be your loyal companion for a long time thanks to its practical design and high quality.



Product Details

In the laptop compartment you can pack a maximum 17.3-inch laptop: this size is above the average storage capacity for briefcases. This bag is ideal for you if you have large sized laptop for your work, or you need more laptop space during your travel.

If you are using 2 or 3 laptops, you won’t have to worry: the bag has 3 compartments where a laptop can fit, so you can be sure that a second or third laptop and tablet can fit in with along with important folders and documents.

In the outermost compartment, pockets help you organize and hold your smaller items. The pockets are of different sizes, so you can systematically arrange your belongings like pendrives, a wallet, phone and a charger, keys, and business cards.

There’s a rather smart solution within the compartment: if you put a notebook or a smaller book in the biggest pockets, you can be sure that the smallest devices are protected by these notebooks from the outside pressure.

The padded carry handles and the telescoping handle provide convenient portability for any road conditions. With the telescoping handle system and the hidden push button, you can adjust the handle to a height that is right for you. If you want, you can hook a separate laptop bag on the handler (if this feature is on the back of the laptop bag).

For the Solo Bryant Rolling Laptop Case there’s a Solo Laptop Briefcase with the same design, so it can be bought as a set. The laptop bag is made of the same high-quality material as the roller briefcase, so I can only recommend it.

The bag has 2 high-quality wheels at the back, but maneuvering with these wheels is less smooth than it would be with the spinner wheels. This matters if you are traveling in narrow spaces or crowds.

At the bottom of the bag two small pegs ensure the stability of the briefcase, that’s why the bag won’t tip over.

This bag is extremely durable thanks to the high-quality water-resistant polyester body. Although it might be less elegant than a leather bag, but it’s lighter, it won’t look scratchy, and protects the contents of the bag very well.

Best Design

Most of the work bags for teachers are made of black leather or polyester fabric.

Despite this, the Solo Walker 15.6 inches Rolling Laptop Case is a truly colorful spot on the market with high quality guaranteed by the manufacturer: a 5-year warranty on the bag!



Product Details

Thanks to its flat design, it can fit comfortably in the lower and upper compartments of the aircraft, and it is easy to maneuver in the crowd or in narrow spaces.

The main compartment is divided into three sections: the padded one is for a maximum 15.6-inch laptop, and the other two sections are designed for storing documents, books and folders. In the front compartment there are pockets for your smaller items which help to structure your belongings in an easy way.

Besides the padded carry handles, the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap comes in handy when you can’t pull the bag on its wheels. Thanks to the shoulder strap you can always carry the bag comfortably. If you choose this option, the telescopic handle can be hidden under the bag’s zipper.

This leather rolling case is also available in tan and espresso colors. Due to its material and color the briefcase will change its look as time goes by, making it even more elegant and prestigious.

Customers are very satisfied with these leather rolling briefcases.

Some of them had previously bought such a bag and were satisfied with it, so they bought the same type again. Some of them mentioned that it was of lower quality compared to the earlier bag.

Best for Women

While most of the rolling Briefcases are unisex, this particular piece is specifically designed for women.

The design is beautifully feminine: on a black background a white, plant-like pattern.

Not too overwhelming, but still draws the attention and adds a little elegance and delicacy to the bag.



Product Details

The rolling case can fit a maximum 15.4-inch laptop, plus you can pack a few folders, books and small items. The bag isn’t that roomy, but it’s perfect for those, who want to carry just a few things. Bonus points for the Airbrake bottom cushion, which protects the bag and your items in it.

Thanks to the inner pockets, the items can be easily arranged and you can easily find what you look for. The side pocket for water or soda is really practical: if the bottle is leaky, your items won’t get wet and if you don’t use the pocket, it folds in with an internal magnet.

The single stem telescoping handle is easy and comfortable but makes it impossible to set another bag on the top: it flips off to the side.

Another special feature of the bag is also tailored to women: this is one of the lightest bags on the market, so it will be less burdensome for the female body even when its fully packed.

Additionally, this bag will be much easier to put on and off in the bin of an airplane (unfortunately, it may not fit under the seat though).

Customers are pleased with the briefcase because of its design, but some of them complained about poor durability.

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