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We collected the best leather briefcases for women, because life isn’t easy for a woman who wants be stylish, feminine and subdued, but also desires a unique, serious, professional looking and practical appearance at the same time.

There is plenty of choice in costumes, clothes, and blouses, but what about one of the most important accessories, the bag? We have good news!

 There’s a wide variety of laptop bags and briefcases for women you can choose from. Probably the most important question is where you are in your career and what kind of image you want to project about yourself. What are your plans for the future? If you think about these things and choose a bag based on that, it will help you take yourself and your dreams seriously, and your colleagues and clients will treat you the way you treat yourself. 

While you’re thinking about this, we listed the best briefcases for women: a selection of different styles and functionalities to fit your lifestyle. At the end of this article, you can also find a few additional tips that can help you make a final decision.

If fashion and professional style are both important for you, you may want to check the Bostanten brand’s offering. Their products are characterized by beautiful design and high quality.



We have chosen one of Bostanten’s leather womens briefcases because of the bag’s beautiful and finely crafted leather exterior and the roomy design. You can pack a lot of belongings, like a 15-inch laptop and A4 papers, pens, keys, notebooks, purses, and phones. The 6 pockets also help to stay organized and give you easy access to your items. Compared to an average laptop bag, it is a little bit heavier.

This bag can be used as a lawyer briefcase, a laptop bag or a hand carry briefcase. Customers are fully satisfied with this bag: besides the practical use, the owners are proud of the compliments given by their colleagues about the bag’s design.

Look at the varied designs of these 100% authentic genuine leather Michael Kors briefcases for women! Anyone can find a style suitable for her among them.



You can’t talk about world-renowned, award-winning designers of luxury accessories without mentioning the Michael Kors brand. The same is true when talking about professional briefcases for a woman.

Look at the varied designs of these 100% authentic genuine leather Michael Kors briefcases for women! Anyone can find a style suitable for her among them. The bag is medium in size: it can fit a 13-inch laptop (like a MacBook Pro), A4 papers, notebooks, wallets, phones, keys.

It’s made of an extremely durable, high-quality material, so if you’re thinking of investing in long-term, this bag is worth your money.

Nearly 1,000 customers on Amazon are satisfied with this product, and we also highly recommend this briefcase which oozes professional femininity.

This leather Cross-Body Briefcase is available in black, brown and red. Lodis, a Spanish company, provides a sophisticated style and elegance. Even after prolonged use this women briefcase should age beautifully.



You can pack a lot of items in the bag without making it look bulky: a 17-inch laptop and charger, or legal-size file folders and other important items for your work. If you pack the bag full, the long strap is very useful for crossbody wear. The good quality interior dividers help you organize your items: it has a padded divider in the middle to protect your laptop, and pockets are useful for storing smaller devices. Unfortunately, the bottom is not padded, so the laptop is not protected from below.

Customers generally love this bag and are proud of it, but some mentioned that it fell apart after some use, the sewing got discolored, or the zipper broke.

The natural material makes this unique, luxurious and classic look: if we look very closely, we can see the veins and various small patches on the natural leather.



If you really want that luxurious and professional look.

You can easily put a lot of things in the bag, and the U-shaped zipper makes it easy for you to see all of your items at the same time. A 14-inch laptop charger, A4 papers, pens, purses, calendars, and books all fit into the briefcase and thanks to the internal pockets they are easy to find.

A great feature of this briefcase is the strap at the back: this way you can carry it on your suitcase’s handle, so travel with a large package is also simpler. Another great advantage is that the bag stands on its own, so you can keep your important devices as comfortable and safe as possible.

Most customers are satisfied with design and durability, although some have mentioned the bag can be scratched easily.

This leather briefcase is the definition of professionalism and sophistication. It’s available in medium to large sizes and you can choose from black and brown colors.



Let me recommend another Bostanten product (I swear Bostanten doesn’t pay me anything for this 🙂 ).

This leather briefcase is the definition of professionalism and sophistication. It’s available in medium to large sizes and you can choose from black and brown colors.

Thanks to its internal layout, you can easily find everything in it: the large compartment has a separate slot for your laptop and five more pockets to help organize other items.

Both sizes have ample room, and you can pack a lot of items without looking bulky. Important: A4 papers can fit only into the larger briefcase.

Most of the customers praise the beautiful design and the craftsmanship, although some people have mentioned that their bags weren’t that durable.


Why Is Appearance Important in Today’s World?

elegant woman with cellphone working at her laptop

Although more and more women are involved in business, men and a generally male attitude are still dominant in many places. How can a woman find her own style in this world so that men look at her as a professional partner, but also to express her femininity? Unfortunately, it’s a misconception that in professional life appearance doesn’t matter: in my experience, especially when dealing with business partners and clients, the first impression determines 70-80% of the outcome of the meeting.

In addition, appearance is important not only for the customer but also for us: it makes us more confident and purposeful if we feel comfortable in our skin and we are sure-footed that we have chosen the garment and accessories for the occasion. So, the clothes and accessories we wear in an important meeting matters and our failure or success can depend on it.


Do you love to carry many items with you? We recommend to buy a larger briefcase. If you need only a few things, it might be enough a smaller bag as well.

If you carry a laptop with you, it’s important to buy a briefcase that will fit your computer. Usually, your laptop is measured by its diagonal screen size and the size is in inches. If you want to make sure that you choose a suitable bag for your laptop, we recommend that you measure the width, length, and thickness of your laptop and compare it to the data provided at the page of the selected bag so you will not be mistaken.

Otherwise, 13-inch laptops (like a MacBook Pro) can easily fit in most briefcases, so if you have one, you’re lucky: you can choose a wide range of bags for your work.


An important consideration may be the way you travel. It’s easy if you go to work by car because you can choose from a wide variety of briefcases for women.

Things are different if you are cycling: if you don’t have the right size luggage compartment on your bike, then you might want to have a professional looking backpack, messenger bag or a briefcase with an adjustable shoulder strap.

If you are on public transport or on foot, then you have more freedom in your choice, but you should consider the weight of your bag and your physical condition. You might find a briefcase for all your dreams, but if you have to pack it full and carry it all way to work and back, then it may be tough for your spine and hands. In this case, you should look around for backpacks, messenger bags or briefcases with adjustable and detachable shoulder straps for ease the movement. If the briefcase is lightweight, it can also help a lot: non-leather briefcases are usually lighter than the ones made of leather.

If you travel a lot during your work and go long distances (by car, plane or boat), I recommend the stylish bags and briefcases designed specifically for travel. These can be ultra-light or have smart functions to help you work on the journey, or they can be both practical and professional looking to save you time going from the airport straight to the courtroom.


It’s good to think through what’s going to be in your bag beforehand, because this way it’s easier for you to choose an appropriate size and shape. If you are going to carry a laptop in the bag, it is worth taking a bag larger than the laptop size to have room for a charger, the phone, and the wallet. It’s a matter of lifestyle what else you want to carry: notebook for important notes, makeup, perfume and toothbrushes to keep you well-groomed, slippers, books, electronic devices for relaxation, medicines, vitamins, and health supplements just to avoid surprises. Think these through to choose a bag that can be a loyal partner in the workdays.


closeup of a leather briefcase

Do you want a light and snug briefcase or a big, all-pack-in-and-i-want-to-use-it-20-years-after-as-well, rugged piece? The good news is that both of these briefcases for women are available in many stylishly crafted wide varieties. If you want a classic and elegant bag fit to your costume, a dark brown or black leather briefcase is the right one. If you want a more daring look, you can choose a lighter colored bag made of leather or textile, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, I recommend the pieces with an unusual shape, color, and material combinations.

When selecting a color, you should also consider what kind of cloth you will wear with the bag. You may like a nice colored bag, but if you do not have any clothes to fit, then choose other colors or replace your clothes to fit the special bag. 😊


Prices range from $50 to $500 depending on material and design, the brand, the designer, whether or not the bag has a warranty and how popular it is. It’s worth thinking about how much you want to invest in a bag. If you would like to buy one for a long time, it’s better to choose a good quality, beautiful and durable item, which, if possible, also has a warranty. If you want to have a briefcase or a choice of bags for a shorter time, then it may be more important to have a good design or price..

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