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Buying a top rated high school backpack that’s attractive as well as functional is easy with this list of Cute Backpacks for High School Girls. At the end of this article, you can also find our guide on how to choose the perfect backpacks for teens.

No matter your needs, there should be a bag here for you. The majority of these cute backpacks are going to be very on trend this winter and the coming spring, so don’t worry too much: these cool backpacks are definitely going to get you some compliments.

This bag’s pattern is so unique. No one else in school will have a school backpack like this, trust me. These youthful, thoughtfully designed bookbags for girls are available in a huge variety of colors and styles.

I have to admit, I couldn’t choose just one bag: I immediately fell in love with at least 5 of them.



This cute backpack for girls fits a laptop or a tablet up to 15.6 inches, and the water-resistant material and Velcro strap care for its safety.

The pockets are great, especially the two water bottle pockets: they offer easy access for your drinks anytime. Although the bag is a little bit smaller than the pictures show, it will hold enough items for an average school day.

The bag is also really comfortable thanks to the padded straps. Highly recommended for anybody who cares about trends and styles, because this bag is going to be very on trend this winter and the coming spring. This bag is also a great gift for teenagers and young adults (and for me 😊 ).

These Dakine stylish backpacks are made with care, and they are definitely going to get you some compliments.



This bag is available in a huge array of colors and styles and due to its several features, it will make your life easier for sure. The laptop compartment fits a laptop up to 14 inches and the fleece-lined sunglass pocket, deployable water bottle pocket or the insulated cooler pocket comes in handy a lot of times.

If you’re going to be commuting or biking, this trendy backpack is a great option: it’s lightweight and spacious, ideal for someone who will travel a lot.

Adidas is a leading manufacturer of top rated backpacks, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

This spacious and versatile backpack comes with a style for everyone and due to the wide variety of colors available, you can express your personality for sure.



It’s an ideal and cool backpack for high school students, long-distance travelers, gym users or hikers thanks to the great capacity and durable materials. It might be pricey for some, but it comes with a lifetime warranty, so I think this is a great long-term investment.

JanSport SuperBreak Backpack Deep Space

JanSport makes several cute backpacks for middle school, so it’s worth to check their uniquely designed backpacks for girls and boys as well. These high school backpacks have surprisingly more storage inside than you would think at first. The ample space is combined with a front pocket with an organizer, so you can find the perfect spot for your items.



These schoolbags for teenagers will be your loyal companion for sure: for school days, you can pack a 15.6-inch laptop, books, and even a change of clothes. When you are not at school, you can use the bag for hiking, sightseeing or to travel around.

Although they’re bit pricey, these girl backpacks are among the best backpacks for school. Customers know they’re getting a high-quality product, which also has some unique and functional feature to set it apart from other bags.



The Vera Bradley brand is beloved by many because of the beautiful designer styles. Above the one with flowers is a great example for today’s heavy graphic pattern trend and the one with dots is also following the newest trends, although it’s a bit more modest.

A dedicated laptop compartment, loads of pockets, high-quality materials, and a sleeve to slip over the handle of roller luggage just to mention the main advantages. The only drawback could be that the bag is not water resistant.

High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack, Iced Lilac/White, One Size

No list about cute backpacks for girls in high school is complete without a product from High Sierra. Even though they are mainly into sport bags, they make some decent bags for everyday use as well. 



These teen backpacks are one of the coolest backpacks, and they’re a stellar pick for those who are commuting day by day or would like to have a backpack for multiple purposes.

These spacious backpacks offer dedicated compartments for your 17-inch laptop and your tablet as well, while the padded shoulder straps and back panel make your travel as convenient as it can be.

Coming in various designs, these girls backpacks show off your expressive side at a great price.



A 15.4-inch laptop fits in the laptop compartment and there are pockets for your small items as well. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back option, 1-year warranty and great customer service.

It’s not the biggest bag on our list, but if you only stash a couple of things with you each day, this can be a great bag for you.



This canvas cute backpack is beloved by many for its beautiful designer style at a great price. It has several multi-function pockets to help organize your items and a laptop compartment to hold a 14-inch laptop. 

This lightweight backpack is a stellar pick for those who are commuting day by day or would like to have a multipurpose backpack. This bag can be great for long distance traveling or you can use it as a business bag for work.



If you are looking for a sturdy, comfortable and practical backpack, this bag offers a ton of useful features at a great price. With its 12 pockets and three compartments for electronics, this bag will satisfy the most organized packers. Also, its water resistant, anti-theft and RFID blocking material will keep your items and data completely protected. 

If the high cost of tuition and textbooks has you scrimping and saving, you’ll probably appreciate a less-expensive backpack. This unisex canvas backpack can be worn at the school or you can use it as a travel or hiking backpack as well.

The laptop compartment fits laptops up to 15 inches and the 9 pockets cover all your organizer needs for sure.



If you’re looking for a lightweight and compact canvas backpack at a low price, check out this cute backpack.

This backpack for girls fits a laptop or tablet up to 14 inches, but it’s slightly smaller than an average backpack, so if you are known for pushing your packs to the limit, it would be best to stick to a larger backpack.

The front organizer, the pockets in the main compartment and the water bottle pocket help you to keep your items neat and tidy.



The design of this bag is really attractive with a nice blend of both form and function. This bag reflects a bit of seriousness combined with a wide variety of colors.



The laptop compartment fits laptops up to 14 inches, though a 15-inch laptop bag is also available. This backpack offers a ton of useful features like the insulated cooler pocket to keep lunch and snacks cool, or the organizer pocket at the front, or the fleece-lined sunglass pocket, or the mesh side pockets for water bottles.

The padded straps make it easy and comfortable to carry, so it’s an ideal backpack for high school students, long-distance travelers, gym users or hikers as well.

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How to Choose Cute Backpacks for High School Girls



One of the biggest factors to consider is size. What fits you best? A compact and lightweight bag that fits the most essential belongings, or do you love to prepare for anything with larger bag that has all your “what if” stuff?

It’s also important to think through how many items you need to carry on an average day? If most of the books and notes are in electronic format, a small bag for a laptop is enough.

If you’re carrying printed books and booklets, I recommend a durable bag with padded straps. If you’re going to be commuting, a big backpack is a must.

If you want to bring your laptop with you, the size of your laptop is also worth considering when choosing a bag. The size of the laptops is generally measured diagonally and is given in inches. I’ve highlighted this information in my reviews.

Quality and Price

Quality and price are generally related: The higher quality of the product and the more features it has, the higher the price, usually. It’s worth thinking about what you would like: one or more cheap bags that you can easily throw away if they start to come apart, or a good quality, multi-functional bag that lasts for years.

Of course, the best options are bags that are both cheap and durable, so we tried to hunt down these deals for you as well.


It’s worth choosing the style of the backpack based on what kind of image you want to show to others about yourself.

We recommend a modest bag if you want to get serious, a trendy, colorful bag if you prefer to seem the loose, cheerful and trendy, and we recommend a sport bag for sportiness, or if you are going to travel and hike with your bag.


I personally prefer to buy a product with a warranty. Not only because it’s easier to manage it if I have a complaint, but because in my experience, products that come with a warranty are made of a better quality than those that do not. For choosing the best backpacks for high school this is also and important factor to consider.

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