Lucas Luggage Outlander Carry On Hardside 20 Inch Review

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Finding the perfect carry-on is incredibly hard. Not only do you need to make it small enough to be allowed in the cabin, but it also has to have enough space to carry your stuff while also still keeping things relatively lightweight.

In this regard, the carry-on piece of the Lucas Outlander Hard Case collection represents a great balance.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know the most important features, check them out below:

LUCAS Outlander 20 Inch Carry On Luggage Collection


The Lucas Outlander carry-on represents a balance between durability, weight, and comfort.

The bag is made of a composite polycarbonate ABS shell and users have confirmed that it’s quite durable and long-lasting.

The corners and stress points are also reinforced for extra stability and protection.

The same high praise can also be said about the aluminum handle and the spinner wheels. Users found them to be long-lasting and strong.

Spinner wheels usually give you more comfort to pull your suitcase, but they can be flimsy due to more moving parts compared to inline or rollaboard wheels.

However, the Lucas Luggage Outlander carry-on is equipped with sturdy spinner wheels, so they bring all the joy of comfortable travel without the risk of the wheels breaking off. You won’t climb mountains with this bag, but any standard urban environment will be a breeze to go through.

The carry-on comes in a variety of colors, including Blue, Burgundy, and Purple. So you can pick and choose a color to fit your style.

Size and Capacity

With a storage capacity of 36 liters, this spacious carry-on will allow you to bring a lot of your items on board.

While some people appreciate soft side luggage’s ability to “stretch”, you can overpack your suitcase and fail to fit it in the overhead compartment in the cabin.

Since the Lucas Outlander Carry-on is a hardshell case, you will definitely only pack stuff you can fit in the compartment.

Speaking of fit, the dimensions of the suitcase with wheels and handles are 21.8 x 13.5 x 9 inches and it has been tested with most airlines to fit the overhead compartment.


The Lucas Outlander Carry-on comes with all of the standard features you might expect from a suitcase, but it does have a few outstanding bits.

Many users praised the layout of the suitcase interior.

The bag comes with mesh zip-lined pockets on one side for smaller items or documents.

On the other side is the main compartment for your clothes and larger items, with an x-strap to help keep your stuff in place during your journey.

You can also expand your suitcase for some extra storage and keep everything organized through the various pockets and straps. You likely won’t be able to qualify as a carry-on if you expand, but it does come in handy if you bought a few too many souvenirs during your trip.

Finally, the big benefit of hardside luggage is that all of your valuables will be protected from hits and bumps, regardless of their position within the bag.


The Lucas Outlander carry-on weighs a decent 6.5 lbs.

It is a hard-sided suitcase, so this inevitably impacts the weight, but it does come with better durability and protection.


The suitcase currently comes in 6 colors: Blue, Burgundy, Graphite, Purple, Tread Burgundy, and Tread Charcoal.

This means you can go for the subdued Graphite or Charcoal for the neutral business look, or you can spice things up with Purple or the bright Blue color if you want to be on the stylish end of things.

Eitherway the suitcase has an elegant design and it will surely look great wherever you go.


This Lucas Luggage Carry On is covered by a limited 5-year manufacturer warranty plus trusted companion promise, which covers the cost of repair for damage for any manufacturer defect or replace the defective baggage carry on.


The LUCAS Outlander 20 Inch Carry On Luggage is definitely a good pick if you want a great balance of quality, weight, and overall flexibility in a suitcase. Highlights of this carry-on include the great interior layout, the sturdy construction, and the ability to expand the suitcase if you’re suddenly in need of some extra space.

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