Lucas Luggage vs. Travelpro Luggage Review for 2022

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Let’s face it, buying luggage is hard.

When you go on sites like Amazon, you can encounter hundreds of similar-looking and similarly priced luggage brands and it becomes incredibly tedious to pick the one you can trust.

Gone are the days of picking between Samsonite or American Tourister, we now have all kinds of other brands available.

In this review, we’re going compare Lucas Luggage and Travelpro and try to find the most important differences and pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision when looking for a new suitcase or bag.

Let’s just jump into it then!

Lucas Luggage and Travelpro Story

Travelpro is an old, established brand founded in 1978 by Robert Plath, the inventor of the “rollaboard”, which is essentially the original rolling suitcase.

Lucas Luggage is a relative newcomer to the scene, but they quickly established themselves with their lightweight luggage. They’re a part of the brand portfolio of 24-7 International, which also owns Andiamo, Ciao and several other luggage brands.

Travelpro vs Lucas: Who Is It For?

Because of its origins, Travelpro has been traditionally associated with flight crews who want a sturdy and long-lasting piece of luggage. The founder – an airline pilot himself – originally wanted to make his work easier by adding wheels to his suitcases, which his co-workers quickly adapted.

As such, Travelpro combines easy maneuverability with durable materials and is actually a preferred brand for airline crews.

Lucas Luggage focuses more on making luggage as lightweight as possible, often opting for soft side materials.

Lucas also includes the option to expand their suitcases, with an emphasis on flexibility in travel weight.

That being said, both Travelpro and Lucas Luggage have very similar features. For example, both brands have a wide variety of bags from spinners to duffle bags to both softside and hard side pieces, with very similar interior design elements.

Storage and Features

Travelpro’s big sales pitch is the thorough testing they do on all of their suitcases. This means that while they aren’t the lightest in terms of weight, they should be extremely long-lasting and durable, perfect for people in airline jobs.

Their hardside suitcases usually offer the common split design with a large inner compartment and another, zippered compartment pocket.

Lucas Luggage, on the other hand, focuses on extremely lightweight construction and easy expansion. They sometimes don’t have any inner pockets, but they include several outer ones for quick and easy access to documents or other, smaller items.

Travelpro vs Lucas Luggage Price Comparison

Overall Travelpro is definitely the more expensive option between the two brands. For example, here are two 20-inch carry-on size soft side suitcases for comparison.

Travelpro has several reasons to ask for these high prices.

First of all, Travelpro is a recognized and trusted brand and people are willing to pay more for something they believe will last longer and is better quality than other brands.

Second, Travelpro offers a lifetime warranty on all of their luggage.

Their luggage is put through more than fifteen different trials, including distance, durability, and temperature to make sure all fabrics, wheels, zippers, handles, and overall bag design can exceed the toughest wear and tear from frequent travel.

They also include a Built For A Lifetime Limited Warranty which covers defects on major components such as wheels, zippers, extension handles and carry handles. 

In addition, they added a Trusted Companion Promise that covers damage caused by airlines and other common carries along with reimbursement of shipping costs if a bag needs to be sent in for repair.

This is a very generous warranty promise compared to the common 5-year or less limited warranty most other brands offer.

On the other hand, Lucas Luggage has a completely different approach to their target audience, since they make luggage for people on a budget. While their luggage is likely less durable, that was never their main goal. Their main goal was to make lightweight, affordable bags for the common consumer.

Lucas also offers a 5-year warranty on their product,s which is still more than the most common 3-year warranty other brands provide.

Cons and Possible Drawbacks


If you’re sensitive to carrying large weights around, Lucas Luggage clearly has more lightweight options for you to choose from, though Travelpro’s supposedly better maneuverability might sometimes tip the balance in their favor still.


In terms of overall durability and protection from the weather, Travelpro has a lot more trust thanks to due to their testing methods.

Still, Lucas will put up respectable durability compared to its price if you can1t afford the price of Travelpro’s luggage.

Price and Overall Features

Easily the most important difference between the two brands is their general price for suitcases.

Travelpro is clearly aimed at a different budget than Lucas, so this is not necessarily a drawback, but rather an important difference between how the two brands position themselves.

Still, in terms of features, both brands will offer you a variety of options. Lucas and Travelpro have spinners and inline skate suitcases. they both have softside and hard side luggage, and they offer similar interior designs.


Both Travelpro and Lucas Luggage are popular luggage brands, however, each comes with their own pros and cons.

Lucas Luggage is best for people and families who travel occasionally and have a strict budget for luggage. It’s also ideal if you want to save as much weight as possible.

Travelpro is ideal for frequent flyers and airline crews, but also for frequent business flyers due to their elegant suitcase designs. They offer exceptional durability and great lifetime warranty, though their prices are generally in the higher ranges.

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