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Are you ready for your next adventure? And yur suits or dresses? We collected the best 5 rolling garment bag in 2019.

Unlike the Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Carry-On U122Cx-4 type of suitcase, which is very similar to this one, this garment bag has a removable compartment specially designed for suits and dresses.



Unlike the Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Carry-On U122Cx-4 type of suitcase, which is very similar to this one, this garment bag has a removable compartment specially designed for suits and dresses. Unfortunately, this suitcase is not expandable, so I’m afraid you have to choose between the expandable version and the non-expandable, but more garment friendly version.

This suitcase garment bag can be used as a carry on. Although the dimensions are slightly different from what the manufacturer says, it will fit in the carry on sizer if you push it a little bit and if you do not pack the external pocket full. (The details of the dimension are below.)

This bag is available in black, navy and olive greenish colors and the high-quality 1680 Denial nylon fabric resists wear, moisture, dirt, and abrasion. Because of the 1680 denial fabric, the bag is durable and lightweight at the same time.

The bag has two compartments: one is a garment holder section and one is for the rest of your clothes and accessories. The garment holder section fits 1-2 suits for sure, but if your suits are thin, 3 suits should work as well. The garment bag and main bag unzip separately, which keeps things orderly and also makes it extremely easy to get to a change of clothes quickly. The main compartment has shoe bag slots.
This garment bag features several handy pockets: there’s an outside pocket for frequently used items and inside the bag, there are mesh pockets for toiletries. Also, you can create a hanging shelf by attaching garment bag hook to the exterior of the bag, since the straps will form an angle to create a ‘shelf’ from the packing section, still allowing full access to garments.

Handle and wheels
The handle is made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and stops 4 heights ensuring you to adjust the most comfortable position. The two rolling wheels are rolling smoothly and silently.

Note on the dimensions
According to the manufacturer, the bag measures 9 x 22 x 14 inches and weighs 9 pounds, but if we measure carefully, the bag has slightly different sizes. Instead of 22” tall, the bag is 21.9” tall, and it’s not 14” wide but 13.9” wide. I guess, the manufacturer just rounded up the numbers to make it simpler. Although instead of being 9” deep, in the reality the bag is 9.25” deep if include the outside handle as well. In theory, it can cause problems to use it as a carry on, but to be honest, as long as it fits the sizer, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

This Tumi Garment Bag  is really practical when you need to carry a lot of work items: it’s spacious and the 8 spinner wheels make travel easy and convenient, even when it’s fully packed. If your back, your waist or your legs are sensitive to the load, this product is a good choice.



The front zippered pocket features different types and sizes pockets for your smaller items like pens, keys or phones.


This Business Laptop Bag has 8 spinner wheels, this means the bag can be moved as smoothly as possible. The special feature of spinner wheels is that you can push the briefcase in front of yourself or pull the bag behind you. It’s up to you which is more convenient for you. The spinner wheels also make it comfortable and easy to maneuver so your travel will be really hassle-free. Not only because the wheels run smoothly, but because the bag is made of an extremely light material and structure, so the bag itself won’t be a burden to you during your trip.

The adjustable handle has two height options: you can choose what more comfortable for you and then lock the position, so you can safely maneuver with the briefcase.


Thanks to a 50% Nylon / 50% Polypropylene material, the bag is extremely durable and does not scratch. Usually nylon-based materials are lighter than an average leather case, and this is true with this briefcase as well. Its design is clear and elegant, and the black color will go with all of your outfits. Unfortunately, it’s only available in black so no options to customize in that area.

Customer experience

Customers are pleased with this bag: they especially recommend it for its design. Unfortunately, some people have reported that the bag tends to tip over, which can be uncomfortable and annoying.

This soft-sided, lightweight Samsonite Silhouette Xv Softside Duet Voyager garment bag is designed for busy and frequent travelers. This garment bag offers you an ample room, but you can’t use it as a carry on.
The soft side allows you to travel as light as you can, however, it won’t protect your items from bigger shocks.



The maximum height of the retractable handle is 21.5 inches.
The spinner wheels enable you to pull or push the bag and the wheels run smoothly and silently. The wheels rotate 360 degrees, which provide you an easy maneuver.

Inside the bag, the compression straps come handy when you need to carry a lot, bulkier suit or dress. The staps are also help you to keep your clothing neatly packed while traveling.
The hanger holder, that clips the hangers are made of metal and there are small rubber grooves on them to make it easier to grab them. The rubberized grooves also hold the hanger securely.

The bag is ample enough to fit eight hangers and other accessories and if you’re a smart packer, you can fit clothes for 7 days in this bag.

The bag’s body measures 22.5″ x 22.0″ x 10.0″, but the overall dimensions with the wheels and handles are 23.0″ x 22.0″ x 11.0″. The open bag is 46″ long, 23″ wide and 8″ deep.

This product comes with a 10-year warranty, which can come handy because the craftsman of the bag is not premium quality. Some of the customers are highly satisfied with this item, although, some of them complained about the durability of the bag.

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