SkyRoll Garment Bag: A Rolling Up Carry On

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We reviewed a rolling up carry on SkyRoll garment bag. We looked through its features and made a final verdict to help you decide whether if it fits your needs.

SkyRoll Garment Bag Carry-on Luggage

Thanks to its special design, this SkyRoll Garment Bag rolls up to prevent wrinkles and any other damages on your suits and clothes. At least, this is the theory behind the design. In real life, the garments get a lot of deep wrinkles.

You can bring up this bag on the plane as a carry on, and thanks to the ballistic nylon material the bag is lightweight but durable at the same time.

Actually, this bag contains two, smaller bags: One of them is a hollow cylinder to hold shoes, toiletries, and other accessories in it. The cylinder is divided in half so you can have shoes on one side and clothes on the other, or clean clothes on one side and dirty on the other, for example. The divider can be moved 1″ either way to make one side larger than the other.

The wrapping garment bag is designed to hold and protect suits, dresses, and other large garments. There’s also pockets on the inner side of the garment bag, so you can pack ties, scarfs and other accessories in them.

The bag measures 22″ long x 8.5″ wide, and the detachable garment bag measures 47″ x 22″ inches and has room for about two suits. It weighs 4 pounds.




Pockets are great for organizing


Shoes larger than about size 14 may not fit inside the cylinder

Garments get wrinkles

You need to experiment the best way to assemble the parts – it can be tricky

It appears the SkyRoll Garment Bag Carry-on Luggage is unavailable on Amazon at the moment. Until the product is available again, we recommend the following bags, as they have similar features:

The best, high-quality, but pricey garment bag:

Briggs & Riley Baseline Compact Tri-Fold Garment Bag

The Briggs & Riley brand is as known for its reliability as it is for its distinctive design. Every product they make comes with a lifetime warranty for real: if you have any problem any time, their customer service is there to help you. Their exclusive designed bags are sophisticated and the high-quality material is just increasing the feel of luxury.

This bag is a compact and lightweight tri-fold garment, and you can use it as a carry on for sure. The bag made of 1680D ballistic nylon, which is known as one of the most durable and lightweight material. This bag will resist wear, water, dirt and abrasion for sure.

For an easy transport, there’s a slip-through back pocket to allow the bag to slip over the handle of another suitcase. Of course, this back pockets can function as a regular pocket as well.

The front zipper pocket is designed to hold smaller items like keys and important documents, and the main compartment is able to hold 2-3 thinner suits (or 1-2 thicker suits). In the main compartment, there are zipper pockets for undergarments, belts, laundry, and a toiletry kit, and there are two, special foam-centered panels for your shoes as well.

This garment bag measures 12 x 24 x 22 inches, weights 6.61 pounds, and can hold clothes and accessories enough for a 2-3 day trip. To gain more space, the bag is expandable.

Customers are highly satisfied with this product, just some of mentioned that they don’t like that the bags don’t stand on its own.

All in all, this garment bag can be a good choice for those, who need to travel with suits several times and like to travel with ease of mind.


Lifetime warranty

Great customer service

High quality


Handy pockets



Doesn’t stand on its own


A good-quality but inexpensive garment bag:

A. Saks Deluxe Expandable Tri -Fold Carry-On Garment Bag

This Saks Tri-fold Garment bag can be used as a carry on, although, the real dimensions are slightly bigger than the manufacturer says. The bag is lightweight, the fabric is 420Denier nylon, which is a little bit thin but durable.

Thanks to its back pocket, you can slip over this bag to another suitcase handle, this way, you can travel with free hands and an ease of mind.

The front pocket is great for storing smaller items, and the interior is roomy enough to fit 2-3 suits with ease. The multiple zipper pockets designed to hold undergarments, laundry and a toiletry kit, but unfortunately, there’s no designated place for the shoes. If you need more space, you can expand the bag with ease.

The bag measures 9 x 22 x 14 inches and weighs 4 pounds.

Most of the customers are satisfied with this bag, but some of them reported flimsiness or broken parts.

All in all, this garment bag might be a great choice for those who need a simple and affordable garment bag once or twice a year.


Good quality


Handy pockets


Might be flimsy

No designated place for shoes

A good bag for a few times at an unbeatable price:

BagLane Garment Suit Bag

This BagLane Garment Suit Bag is a great bag for the money. It’s not the best quality, but if you need a garment bag just for a few times, this bag can to that at an unbeatable price.

The bag can be used as a carry on with most airlines and contains two bags: an outer garment bag for suits and an inner, water-resistant pouch. When you travel, the outer garment bag wraps the inner pouch around, and with this technique, the bag protects your suit from wrinkles. The garment bag fits 1-2 suits and the inner pouch designed for shoes and smaller items. Of course, the two bags can be used separately as well.

The front pocket is great for storing small items, and there’s a removable 13″ x 8″ tablet sleeve that includes multiple pens and card slots.

The bag measures a maximum 22″ x 13.5″ x 9″ inches, but depending on how much you pack in, it can be slighter.

Customers had no high expectations with this bag, but they are satisfied with this product, as it serves its purpose.

I recommend this bag for those, who are on a tight budget but need a garment bag for a few times.


Great price

Two bags in one product


Not the best quality

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